Product Update - 2 Wire Hydraulic Hose 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"

7th June 2023
Hose Reel

2 Wire Hydraulic Hose 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"

From Monday the 19th of June we are switching the way we supply our 3 most popular sizes of hydraulic hose.

1/4" (2SC04), 3/8" (2SC06) and 1/2" (2SC08) 2 wire hydraulic hose will only be supplied on a cardboard reel of 50 metres. Up to 90% of our current orders are already fulfilled by this structure.

With these changes comes 3 new part numbers:

2SC04-REEL (Replaces 2SC04 from the 19th of June)
2SC06-REEL (Replaces 2SC06 from the 19th of June)
2SC08-REEL (Replaces 2SC08 from the 19th of June)

The hose will still be charged per metre and the price of hose will remain the same with the cardboard reel provided free of charge.

Faster ABC


Congratulations to everyone at Faster S.r.l. on being awarded as one of the winners of the Systems & Components Trophy as part of Agritechnica digital.

"The system guides the final user to create a pairing between tractor and implement, saving the paring for future use, allowing the correct connection of each hose to the respective port. Thanks to the Faster ABC smartphone app, the operator is guided on this process. Finally, a green LED light will show the best connection port for each implement hose on the tractor side. The system also gives a confirmation of the correct and complete connection between male and female couplers, allowing to collect data, opening the future to preventive maintenance algorithm, that could possibly suggest when it is time to replace a coupler."

To view our range of Faster Quick Release Hydraulic Couplings click here

Battioni Pagani


McHugh Components Ltd has enjoyed a great co-operation with Battioni Pagani for 40 years in the supply of vaccum pumps & parts for slurry tankers.

Battioni continue to develop their high quality products through innovation and top class engineering.


To view our range of Battioni pumps click here

Updated Website

NEW Website

We've made some changes to our website, the video below highlights new features and shows how to login, find your documents and access to your basket and account information. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

31st May 2021

Solar panels provide 20% of our daily energy requirements

Solar Panels
Solar Panels / Energy Reduction

As part of our on-going effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we have recently installed solar panels on the roof of our warehouse. The panels will provide 20% of our daily energy needs and along with motion sensing lighting throughout our premises have reduced our overall energy requirements.

Reducing Paper Requirements

With our recently integrated voice activated picking system, which requires no paper orders for picking and the emailing of documentation we have seen a huge reduction in paper waste and will continue to do our part for a greener future.

NEW Heavy Duty Hydraulic Swivel Raingun

Heavy Duty Raingun

High Resistance Spheroidal Cast-Iron

Supplied with 10 Rings for Coupling

Easy Greasing

360° Rotation

Galvinised Pipe

Hydraulic Motor Standard

Covered Sprocket

Guide with 2 Rounds of Balls

  Nozzle Diameter
Jet Length 30°
Swivel 4" HD 34 5 1800 58
Swivel 4" HD 34 6 1960 61
Swivel 4" HD 34 7 2100 64
Swivel 4" HD 34 8 2260 67
Swivel 5" HD 45 5 2943 64
Swivel 5" HD 45 6 3224 70
Swivel 5" HD 45 7 3482 76
Swivel 5" HD 45 8 3723 81

For enquiries or more information, please contact a member of our Sales Team on
(01) 413 7000

Hose Clip Technical Improvements

Changes to W2 & W4 Hose Clips


Hose Clip Changes

There have been a number of technical advancements with our standard range of Stainless Steel W2 and W4 hose clips.
These changes have been brought in to improve the functionality of the clips and to make fitting more efficient.
Details above show the three changes in design.
Over the coming weeks all hose clips will switch to this design as old stocks are exhausted.

If you have any questions, please do not hestitate to contact a member of our Sales Team

To view our full range of Hose clips, please click here.

Walterscheid Ultra.Plus

20th November 2020

New standards in drive shaft quality and performance - with the Walterscheid ULTRA.PLUS system

With the ULTRA.PLUS system, Walterscheid redefines the performance and quality of cardan shafts. The individual components, which have each been optimized for maximum functionality, add up to the best Walterscheid PTO shaft ever: for maximum efficiency, maximum service life and operational reliability, and unbeatable user-friendliness.

New Features


For more information from Walterscheid, click here!

Faster Highlights

Faster Newsletter Header  

Grease Coupling & MultiGrease

  • Grease Coupling: 1/2" coupling that can be installed on any MultiFaster, to convey grease where major frictions occur on the equipment or on the attachments. This coupling offers a shunt feature, so when disconnected, the grease flows back thanks to an internal by-pass system.
    The grease coupling is also available as a feature on the Multifaster Configurator

  • MultiGrease, with a special dedicated line for central lubrication systems, one integrated electrical connectors (7 pins) and two hydraulic lines 1/2".

OGF Series

OGF Couplings are designed for a wide range of applications. The flat Face design guarantees zero spillage and prevents external contamination. Push-to-Connect technology to make connection maneuver easier. Equipped with locking ball to prevent accidental disconnection. Available in 5 different sizes.
Impeccable Flow. Zero Spillage. Remarkable Versatility


CNV with a special integrated adaptor

CNV08LM2, equipped with a special adaptor that makes the coupling a perfect match for the FastGrip, Faster line identification system designed to make connection and line identification easier. Adaptor available in both 18 and 22 sizes, as well as other threads upon request



Our compact MultiFaster PC206 allows the connection with mobile plate or stand-alone counterpart couplings, 2 lines 3/8". The disconnection of a stand-alone couterpart couplings is made by dedicated push buttons. With the working temperatures that goes from -25°C to 100°C, PC206 is an ideal solution for both Agricultural and Construction Equipment attachments


NV Stainless Steel and Zinc-Nickel option

One of Fasters best-selling products, the NV coupling, is available in two new versions. NV Stainless Steel and ISO A Zinc Nickel.
The zinc nickel surface makes this NV more suitable for harsh environment and it gives to the coupling a much better resistance to corrosion. Its male counterpart is AGRI 12 GAS M7


Click here to view our range of Faster Quick Release Couplings


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